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Monthly archives for February, 2015

BriarCraft Vision: Player Experience

Our second goal is to provide a server experience that would be considered fun for all ages. Of course everyone’s idea of fun is different, so meeting this challenge may not be possible, but we will do our best to offer a mix of content for different interests and skill levels. We have chosen to avoid the current Bukkit drama and go with CanaryMod as our server interface. Canary doesn’t have a massive plugin library to pull from so we are somewhat limited in what we can offer. Fortunately, we have access to plugin writers that can produce some custom content for our players to experience at BriarCraft that hasn’t been seen anywhere else. And we will be offering our custom content for download to the public from our site (see Extras).

Survival Craft

This will be our primary emphasis at BriarCraft and what we plan to develop and improve. The survival world of Osprey has the new 1.8 content and is roughly 2000 x 2000 with a hub city in the center. I say roughly because honestly there is no limit to the maps size. However, anything placed outside these limits will be wiped out on a weekly basis. In the future, we will be implementing a difficulty increase beyond these boundaries as well for our more extreme adventurers.

A unique feature on BriarCraft’s survival world is its ability to revert back to it’s natural starting state. This means all those random creeper pot holes, ugly strip mines and vandalized villages will gradually be reclaimed by the wild or rebuilt for future adventures. Structures created by active members can be protected from this feature (and griefing) by using cuboid protections. Structures left behind by long forgotten players will eventually expire and be reclaimed by players and the elements of the world. No more coming into a world only to find all the fun stuff has been discovered and overtaken by players that are long gone.

As part of the future development of Osprey, we plan to implement adventures with rewards and mini-dungeons for explorers to discover with hidden treasures. We don’t know yet how it will be implemented, but there will also be alternate ways to earn coveted items (such as saddles, name tags, etc). We personally favor a survival experience that encourages players to journey into the unknown and push themselves rather than just giving everything away. So don’t expect to see a major economy system where you can buy your way to the top either with money or game currency.

Xtreme Islands (an almost mini-game)

XIS_IslandSimilar to the popular idea of Sky Blocks, Extreme Islands is more of a mini game cousin. Hearts don’t regenerate and you don’t get second chances. The idea is to complete challenges and get the highest score you can in just one go. Either compete against your friends or try for a position on the server scoreboard.

Super Secret New Mini-Game

We don’t want to spoil anything, but we have a new type of mini-game in the works for you to try. Stay tuned for announcements and snapshots as we get closer to completion.

Creative Build

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to express yourself and not have to scrounge for rare resources that would be perfect for your masterpiece. Not to mention fighting off the elements and getting singed by lightening. Dedicated BriarCraft members will earn the privilege to escape to a creative world to make their dreamiest ideas a reality and share with the rest of us.

In summary

We feel this is a good start for a new community to build off of. We don’t plan to have any PvP or maybe just a small limited amount. We don’t want to be a huge mega mini-game server. Our focus is primarily a unique and developing survival/adventure world. On the side we would like to offer a few popular or unique mini-games to develop community participation. If you have an idea that you feel would enhance our design and goals at BriarCraft, we do hope you will share. Remember, it doesn’t have to already exist. We have the staff to turn ideas into reality if we like the idea. Although, we would really have to like the idea to undertake a big project!