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Monthly archives for February, 2015

About Us

HeaderSnapshotWe’re a family group primarily interested in supporting a Minecraft playground for our family and friends but we welcome any Minecraft enthusiasts willing to abide by our G-rating requirements. BriarCrafts main focus is nonPVP survival world play with enhancements. We also intend to deploy a creative showcase for member use and feature some of our very own in-house game designs for users to help us test and provide feedback on.

In addition to playing on BriarCraft, each of our children have their own development environments where we teach them to code in Minecraft using Python. You can find out more about the text we use, “Adventures in Minecraft” on our Extras page. Depending on interest, we’ve considered expanding this instruction and hosting a portion of the server as a showcase for their development efforts as well as other young aspiring Minecraft programmers.

For more information on our custom plugins and many other resources we use and produce, see our Extras page.