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Monthly archives for April, 2015

Confusion Abounds…

We’ve moved for a third, and hopefully final, time. The newest IP for the server is in the web header or can be found on the server page. I won’t bore you with all the details, if you want more information you can ask me privately and I’ll be happy to share the specifics behind all the outages and moving over the past 3 weeks.

Moving on to more uplifting news….

I took the time during the numerous outages to run the server locally and do some more detailed testing on the server/plugin configurations. As such, I believe I have an acceptable temporary setup to resolve some of the more pesky issues that have been plaguing us in game. They aren’t perfect solutions, but they’ll work until Rusli finishes the development of our more long-term fixes. So here’s the list of changes you can expect to see:

  • Temporarily deactivated NoCheat

So no more phantom zombies, taking mysterious damage at hub, or dying when you drop into water from too high.

  • Changed area flags on rails and spawned structures

Mobs (and animals) can now be killed by players in these areas. They’ll still be able to kill you and get in the way, but at least now we can fight back. The exception to this is villages. To protect villagers from zombie raids, I had to leave the bugged flags up. Remember that bows/arrows are a known loophole to the issue and can still kill the mobs despite the flag.

Wheat crops and crop blocks can now be broken in areas that had flags. I had to remove the “no trample” flag so these blocks can also accidentally be destroyed by random mobs and players.

  • New bug in New Player automated promotion system

Sometimes a New Player that joins and takes the tutorial is not receiving the final promotion from Recruit to Member. It seems this is happening if the two promotions are too close together? Anyway, post in the forum under issues and I can force the promotion for you.