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Monthly archives for May, 2015

Development Update

If you’ve missed me on BriarCraft it’s because I’ve been working on a lot of testing for fixes to the server to make things better. Well, I was out of town for a few days too.


Alot of small fixes have gone up on the server and you may not have even noticed. I’m noticing a lot more stability and fewer crazy issues, like rails cluttered with livestock. Hopefully this will allow our development team to start working to add more fun stuff that makes BriarCraft more interesting!

A note about CanaryGravestones….

It does not appear that the original author of this plugin is going to be maintaining it. For now, it solves the issue of dropped inventory disappearing before the player can return to claim it as it can often be a long trek back to the death point. I prefer the death chest mechanic over modifying the server to “keep inventory on death.” However, the way Gravestones currently works creates several problems and potential exploit issues that I don’t like. Some day in the future, we will most likely be replacing this plugin with something more favorable. If you have ideas on what should replace it or modifications to it, I would love to hear them.


For those that are interested, here’s the list of modifications we’ve been making:

Zown Plugin
…and a whole bunch of admin tool enhancements and bug fixes that should make them more transparent to players


OOn the whole, we feel BriarCraft is ready for the general public. I’ve already posted a notification about the server at the CanaryMod site for people to come look at a running CanaryMod server environment. In the next month I plan to start posting other notices getting the word out about the server. Please keep me posted of any issues that occur so we can address them.

Thanks for being a part of the BriarCraft community.