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Monthly archives for June, 2015

Xtreme Island: Development Update

It’s not even a week old, and we’re already releasing a decent sized update based on the feedback we received in the first few days. The biggest changes include a new “point-less” practice mode and a major overhaul of the default challenge list. Here’s more about each….

“Point-less” Practice Mode

For players that are new to the concept of survival challenges where you start with limited resources and build up, we’ve added the practice mode. This gives them an opportunity to walk through the process and familiarize themselves with key survival techniques without the discouragement of having to repeatedly go through the set-up phase.

Adds new commands
/xis practice Change to non-scoring mode, no death, health regeneration on, enables home commands
/xis restart Delete your current island and restart in scoring mode

Challenge Change Highlights

Most of the challenges are the same, some have new titles, but many have slightly modified rewards. In addition, the milestone point levels were greatly increased and two new challenges were added to the list. Also a few minor turn-in bugs and typos were fixed.

Here’s a more exhaustive list of specific changes:

  • Name changes – too many to list
  • Milestone points now double at each level: 5000, 10000, 20000…
  • Added the following items possible rewards: rabbit eggs, red sand, netherrack, quartz ore, blaze rods
  • Reduced the reward quantities for: redstone and iron
  • Increased the reward quantities for: lapis and sand
  • Can now turn in slimes
  • Increased the requirements for: bones, zombie flesh
  • Reward text for apple turn in now correctly reads 4 saplings instead of 1


And, I almost forgot…!

You can now recover your lava if you accidentally change it into obsidian (but not stone, sorry) by hitting it with an empty bucket.