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XIS Player Quick Start Guide

Game Objective:

  • Achieve a Personal or Server High Score

Key Game Mechanics:

  • 1 life
  • 10 hearts that can’t be regenerated
  • Start on an island with one tree, a chest, two ice blocks and a melon slice
  • Complete challenges to progress and score
  • Place blocks to score
  • Solo play


  • Join XIS /xis (g)o
  • View Challenges /xis (c)hallenge
  • Leave XIS /xis (e)xit
  • NOTE: Home and Spawn are disabled

Early Play Walk-through:

To join the XIS game type /xis g (or /xis go) from the chat window in game. This will create and spawn you on your new island. (NOTE: Sometimes the server may lag during the creation and will randomly spawn you someplace in the world you just left. If this happens, simply enter the command a second time.)

Once on your island, use /xis c (or /xis challenge) to view the challenges and rewards available. As a general rule, easier challenges are listed first and increase in difficulty. To reset the game for any reason, simply jump off your island and it will be reset.

Your first activities should include the following in some order:

  • Cut down your tree and replant a sapling
    • If you don’t get a sapling (it happens) start over by jumping off your island
  • Create a water source using the ice blocks and do the turn in for the lava bucket
    • A water source must be at least 3 blocks in length
    • An ice block goes on each end with a space in the middle
    • Breaking the ice blocks will create a water source block
  • Create a simple cobblestone generator(many examples online)
    • use the lava bucket from the watercourse turn in
    • you only get one lava, don’t mess it up!
    • if you mess up, start a new island by jumping off your current island
  • Create a work bench
  • Plant your melon for food
  • Plan your expansion strategy

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