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Zown (Z)one (Own)ership Player Tutorial

The Zown plugin allows players to designate their own private area or zown on Osprey. Once setup, the zown protects the players property from being tampered with or destroyed by accident or from the malicious efforts of griefers. Owners can customize their zowns by adding other players, toggling flags, setting messages, and defining rule exceptions. More detailed information on flags and commands can be found on the Zown development wiki.

Creating a Zown

MISSING FEATURE NOTE: At this time, creating a zown is a manual process but future implementations will automate this more.

You may want to first mark two opposite (diagonal) corners with blocks to make it easy to visualize the area you want to set up as the zown. Make note of the x y z coordinates for each of these points. Note: If the new zown will extend top to bottom vertically, use 0 and 255 for the y coordinate. Otherwise, you will need to know the max and min height for the zown y coordinate. Now you can enter the command to create your new zown like this:

    /zown create (zownName)(first point x y z)(second point x y z)
    Example: /zown create MyNewZown 87 0 -315 120 255 -290


Configuring a Zown

Player Zowns on BriarCraft are already defined with a starting configuration. To view these settings simply enter this command on your Zown:

    /zown info zownName


The game console will return something like this:
*First line values are: zown name, defined template, min coords, max coords

    myZown (player) [85,0,-67] to [74,256,183]
    Owners: Me, myFriend
    Members: somePlayer, anotherPlayer
    Flags: {playerclaim=false, passivepermit=true, firespread=true,
    animalimmune=true, build=false, villagerimmune=false,
    interact=false, playerimmune=false, hostilepermit=true, flow=true}

Renaming the zown:

    /zown rename oldName newName

Templates: Admin defined. Grayed out indicates the zown has been user modified.

Change zown boundaries:

    /zown editpoints zownName (new x1 y1 z1) (new x2 y2 z2)

Add additional zown owners (gives permission to change zown configurations):

    /zown owner zownName add/remove playerName

Add additional members (gives permission to build and modify in the zown):

    /zown member zownName add/remove playerName

To toggle flags (only flags unlocked by admin can be modified):

    /zown flag myNewZown flagName:deny


Advanced Settings

Messages can be set to welcome players that enter, give a farewell when they exit or notify a player that they’re restricted from leaving/entering the zown.

    /zown message welcome/farewell/restricted MyNewZown “You have entered the secret lair of the dark one! Beware!”


Flag Rule Exceptions:
Used to exclude specific cases from the defined flag state of allowed or denied. For instance, if you don’t want visitors to be able to use items in your zown you will have the interact flag set to false or deny. But if you want them to be able to use only oak doors, you would place an exclusion to that rule allowing the minecraft.wooden_door.

    /zown placeexception zownName minecraft:sapling
    /zown interactexception zownName minecraft:wooden_door

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