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What’s New?

We’re continuing to make improvements waiting for the needed plugins to protect hub and player areas. Here’s what’s new since last week…

New Player Start

We added a new Tutorial World where new players will spawn when they come to BrairCraft now. The tutorial is optional, but taking it allows new players to be promoted directly to Members. Those that skip the tutorial will have to go through a 5hr recruit period. They can return and take the tutorial at any time to receive the promotion before the 5hrs is up. Current members can also go through and look at the tutorial by using /spawn tutorial


Orientation room on what Babel (Hub) has to offer


Arial view of the new Tutorial zone.

Additions at Hub

A few new building were added in TirTangire along with some general terraforming to make things prettier. We also added a Museum where players can find useful build ideas and see how to use some of the server plugins.


Do you recognize this doorway at Hub? It’s had a make-over.


Inside the Museum at Hub.

Plugin Development

You may not have noticed but we finally worked out the bugs with spawns to other worlds and some issues with where you spawn when you die. We decided that Cuboids just isn’t going to work for us since no one is working on fixing the many issues. I’ve put together a use case for a new plugin called ZOWN to take it’s place that will better support the direction we want to go on the server. Development started last week and we might have a very simple version ready for volunteers to start testing next week.