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BriarCraft Rules

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m developing the site content in a series of blog posts. It helps me flush things out before I formally place it on pages. Since we want to be a secure safe server for young players, we can’t avoid establishing some clear guidelines.

I’m not going to spell out every version of violations. Here are the simple broad rules. That should be enough for most to get the general idea of what is expected for conduct on all community venues (website and game servers). The consequences listed are not firm and are subject to the interpretation of the staff member. If they feel the issue was more malicious or less accidental the punishment could be more extreme than listed.

  • Listen to the staff – No arguing
    • Mild offense: warning or 1hr mute
    • Extremely disruptive: 24hr ban
    • Repeat offender: permanent ban
  • Discussions and builds (links) must be within “G” rating guidelines
    • First offense: 24ban (exception language, see below)
    • Second offense: permanent ban (exception language, see below)
    • Mild language first offense in 24hr period: warning
    • Extreme language or second offense in 24hr period: 1hr mute
    • Language excessive warnings: perm ban
  • No sharing of any private information
    • First offense: warning
    • Second offense: 24hr temp ban
    • Third offense: permanent ban
  • No bullying or harassing
    • First offense: 24hr temp ban
    • Second offense: permanent ban
  • If it belongs to another player, don’t mess with it (not even practical jokes)
    • Depending on the severity of damage/loss this could be anywhere from a warning (one time only) to a 24hr temp ban to an immediate permanent ban.
  • Absolutely no client side mods allowed. Resource Packs are allowed as long as they are not designed to hack or exploit the game to give the player some type of advantage.
    • permanent ban
  • No hacking, cheating, exploiting or malicious use of redstone, mobs, etc to lag out the server.
    • permanent ban

NOTE: We use CanaryBans at BriarCraft, so any disciplinary actions will reduce your reputation. If your reputation falls low enough, it could result in an automatic ban and may also ban you from other Canary servers depending on their reputation settings.

Pretty simple if you ask me. For now you can directly private message Nutmegan if you want to appeal or better yet, apologize for any disciplinary action you have received. In the future we plan to have a more permanent forum system in place for this.

* These rules are subject to change at any time if we feel changes are required to improve the environment at BriarCraft.