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Server Feature: Osprey Hub at Babel

Players will start off in the world of Osprey at the eclectic central province of Babel. Babel is comprised of four cities that developed from what was long ago established as a center of trade for each of four distinct groups of people. Naturally this is our world spawn and contains useful features that will periodically lure players back.

The Hall of Records

book_writableMost of the player information found here on the site can also be made found at the Hall of Records in convenient reference books from the labeled bookcases.

New Player Plots

Map-XFor those that choose, there are reserved New Player plots available at spawn that can be claimed for a short starting period. As the world becomes more occupied, these will be a helpful tool allowing new members of BriarCraft to collect needed resources and a safe place to bunk down until they can find a place of their own.


sapling_birchEach of the biome type trees is represented at Babel in public tree farms so you can easily find your favorite wood building materials for your projects. Be a good samaritan and be sure to leave a few saplings in the ground to reforest the arboretum for the next person.

Transportation Annex

rail_goldenMap Room(Top): A map marking some of the key locations within the hub city of Babel.

Portal Room(Middle): Safe transfer between dimensions or alternate worlds for those that prefer not using the shortcut commands.

Rail Hub(Bottom): Rail lines that will quickly take you to the boundaries of the civilized map. Useful for site seeing, adventuring or finding a place to settle.

The Exchange

Pig-CoinsLocated not too far from the world spawn point, this is just a fancy name for a secure player trade area. There is also access to Ender chests in this area.

Other Extras

Babel also offers scenic paths and buildings to stroll through and inspire your imagination. Spread throughout the hub city of Babel you can find amenities such as Villagers to trade with, facilities for enchanting, potion making and repairing, fishing holes and maybe even a few unexpected surprises.