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Still Running the Race

Set backs are becoming a theme for us at BriarCraft. This particular set back has admittedly stalled us for the time being. However, after taking some time away (we apologize to our small community) we’re back and ready to take another look at the alternatives to move forward.

So where are we? and where do we plan to go?

Our long-term plans for BriarCraft have not changed. We’re certain of that. In fact, we had a wonderful discussion about our vision and we’re even more excited about it than ever. How we get there, is still an uncertainty. For the time being, BriarCraft will have to stay as it is. There won’t be any major enhancements, but hey, we’ll have time to fine tune the rails and hub and all that! As far as a survival world goes, I think BriarCraft already has some very nice features and is very fun!

Status on Server Mod Platform

  • CanaryMod is really, seriously, dead. Seriously. Rusli has the ability to keep a 1.8 version up and maintained, but there is a critical missing piece that prevents any further development beyond 1.8.
  • Neptune is a possible reincarnation of what was CanaryMod. The concept behind Neptune sounds great, but it already seems to be suffering from the same lack of communication that killed Canary. We’d really like to get behind it, but sadly can’t figure out where it is and where it’s going.
  • Spigot/Bukkit has nearly all the remaining community behind it at the moment. Looking around however, there are many core plugins simply sitting abandoned. They mostly work for now, but for how long? We could very likely patch something together on Spigot and plugins wouldn’t be too hard to port over. The difficulty would be creating new plugins to manage multi-world functions and permissions that were built into Canary. Yes, there are plugins that do that already, but our current plugins relied heavily on the Canary system.
  • Spout? Is that still alive? I really haven’t given it any serious attention. I’ll take a look but I thought it was about as dead as Canary and Rainbow.
  • We’ve even considered building our own custom interface to Minecraft but realistically, we don’t have time to go there.

So then at this time we’re favoring the idea of starting to move over to Spigot by researching permissions and multi-world options or potentially customizing our own. We would prefer to get behind the Neptune project but as the days go by with no word on it’s status, we’re losing confidence in it as a viable option.