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MC Stat Scoreboard on Osprey

Ever wondered if anyone else dies as much as you do? Or was crazy enough to put a saddle on a pig and ride it? Well at BriarCraft you won’t have to wonder any longer because we have a new scoreboard on Osprey where you can see just how you stack up against each other on Minecraft statistics!

I want to take just a minute to congratulate myself on this plugin. (I hope you can forgive me!) Last month I started teaching myself JavaScript coding and this is my very first ever piece of code/plugin. So I’m pretty impressed right now that I actually pulled it off. Honestly though, I had to pull Rusli in to finish the scoreboard and show me how to finalize a few things, but I’m very pleased with how it came out and I feel it adds a nice touch to our survival world. I think I’m going to tackle a chat manager next, so wish me luck.

If you want to know more about how I’ve been learning to code, stay tuned for my next post in a few days where I’ll talk about that in more detail.