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First Mini Game Released

We’re very excited to announce the full live release of our first mini game, Xtreme Islands. For awhile players have been able to access the beta deployment of the game, but today’s release adds all the remaining major elements that have been missing! A player tutorial and getting started guide is available and the full release documentation can be found at GitHub.

Here are some of the major additions to this release:

  • Added a current Scoreboard and Highscores listing
  • Player friendly commands added
  • Scoring based on block rarity now
  • Turn ins and rewards all work now
  • Milestone score achievements with rewards
  • Island barriers to keep players from leaving their islands
  • Commands /spawn /home /set home now restricted to prevent accidental use (and death)
  • Health no longer regenerates

And so much more we can’t remember it all!


We’re also pushing several new updates to the server today to increase stability and remove certain bugs. If you see any new issues, remember to report them in the forums (or comment on this post if you don’t want to make an account).

Additional Updates

  • PlayerState: See GitHub for complete release documentation
    • Many fixes to handled confused states and recovery
    • Inventory now saves(recovers) if the server stops while the player is on
    • Doesn’t allow the use of /spawn Nether as this creates world conflicts
  • Zown: See the player tutorial for more details on how to use new features and GitHub for complete release documentation.
    • Zown owners can now designated exceptions to what things are restricted by building and interact flags. So if owners want visitors to use doors, but not chests and other items, they can set doors as an exception.
    • Owners can now restrict specific players from entering their zowns using the entryRestrictions
    • A new restrictExit feature was added to support XIS and prevent players from going beyond the boundaries of their islands.
    • Many bug fixes to correct performance issues