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Server Update

It’s been awhile since I posted anything so I felt an update to our massive non-existent community was overdue. The server is actually live and has been running, with a few hitches, since the middle of February. It’s not ready for large membership yet, but is certainly able to handle a few people if you want to join and ride the rough start with us. We’re certainly prepared to provide admin help to set up area protections, restore lost data etc. We’ve been making frequent backups, so anything lost should be minimal or at least restorable with a little bit of cut and past magic in the back end and maybe a server restart.

The city of Babel (the survival world hub) is roughly 80% complete. The planned rails are completed although we may later decide to add a southern warp point with it’s own rail system. We’re debating this since we’re getting feedback from a few members that they like the south feeling more secluded and out of the way.

Area protections are marginally working and require Admin assistance and a restart to fully set up and there are certainly other issues but they get the job done for now. One of the biggest issues is getting killed by witches and skeletons on the rails since projectiles are not being restricted. So be careful on the rails. Night time is not a good time to venture out on them.

So stop on by and find a place to settle in. If you want to have protections placed on an area, catch Nutmegan online or post something in forums with the rough coordinates. Please have some sort of obvious markers at the corners so I can easily see the exact area and set it for you. Here’s the server information. I’ll be updating the site banner with the information soon.

Server IP: