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New Survival Style World: Sky Lands

Come join the fun in BriarCraft’s newest survival world, Sky Lands. This world is a light weight version of our minigame world, XtremeIslands. Sky Lands is a persistent world that allows players to work as teams or individuals to build up their own personal sky island empire. Furthermore, public boundaries between islands allow building so you can connect your empires together! Resources are limited and awarded based on challenge completions encouraging automation to propel your empire development.


Player flight enabled
Add additional members (or owners) to your island
Owner managed island protection settings
Repeatable challenge completions reward building resources
World hub (Feature Image)
World portal to the nether with a safe hub

Planned Additions:

Flight limits
Claim/Abandon your island (currently auto assigned)
Challenge levels and level rewards
Challenge events
Island scores and rankings
Player market/contracts and currency

So grab your friends and start building your empire today! Here are some snapshots from our testing group.