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In-Game Command Glossary

  • Each group down the list inherits all the commands from the groups above it.
  • Elements marked as <> are required user entry.
  • Elements marked as [ ] are optional user entry.
  • The | element is a divider between valid options for entry.

Visitor Command List

Command Description
/help /? Display a list of commands available to you.
/message /msg /tell <player> <message> Sends a chat message only to the player designated.
/motd Displays the server message of the day.
/rankup Display your progress towards any upcoming ranks.

Recruit Command List

(all above plus the following)

Command Description
/home Warp to your home location.
/sethome Set your current location as a private home warp.
/playerlist /players /who /list Displays a list of players currently online.
/kit give <kitname> [player] Use to claim a kit if it is available.
/kit list Provides a list of valid kits.
/warp /listwarps Displays a list of server-wide warps available to you.
/warp <warpname> Teleports you to the specified warp point.
/spawn Goto the spawn location of your current world.
Brings up the SkyLands survival command options.
Brings up the XtremeIslands mini-game command options.
List of commands for player zown management

Member, Veteran, VIP Command List

(all above plus the following)

Command Description
/compass Display facing direction.
/emote /me Show emotion expressions in chat.
/pos /getpos Display current position details.

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