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About BriarCraft

BriarCraft is an equal opportunity, free to play, Minecraft community dedicated to maintaining a clean, family environment emphasizing respect towards real people in our virtual community.
This doesn’t mean that we have everything set on “newbie” mode. We have maps set from normal up to extreme. We custom develop everything on our server, right down to our server platform. Our systems are designed to work together and reinforce our visions rather than being a mash-up of badly matched plugins every other community is offering. Our primary focus is survival/rpg style with designated pvp/neutral areas on many of our maps. On the side, we also offer a creative plot world, dungeon instances and a growing number of mini-game options. And the only “perks” or “rewards” you’ll find at BriarCraft are the ones you get by playing the game.

Who can join BriarCraft?

We welcome all Minecraft players, new or experienced, young or young at heart. Players aren’t thrown right into the world and expected to absorb how things work. Our short “new player” tutorial is optional and designed to give players a taste of what to expect and look for on our server. If that’s not enough, we have extensive documentation available on this BriarCraft Community website. For those that despise “tutorialfication” you can simply exit stage left in the tutorial and be on your way. (I didn’t need to tell you that, because you’ll never see this anyway!) For players really new to minecraft or online survival worlds, we even have small player plots right at hub available for temporary claim until you feel more comfortable venturing out on your own. (Catch an admin online or message Nutmegan if you need help with this.)

Worlds and Games:

Wood Between the Worlds (Hub)
Under Development

Biome Map of Osprey: Claimable Areas



Biome Map of Osprey: Zoomed out with Wilderness Areas


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