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BriarCraft Vision: Management

Nutmegan24Our goal at BriarCraft is first and foremost to be a family focused server. This means our staff is going to be very tight with game chat (and builds) and web content. It won’t be a place to discuss adult content, vulgar language or attack others on any basis. We fully expect there will be MANY young people on the server and there will be MANY mistakes as a result. As such, we hope our more experienced members will be patient, understanding and helpful to every player that joins our server. To enforce this threshold of player conduct, we will not only be setting up trustworthy, mature (adult) moderation but implementing background snooper tools on all chat including private chats.

We will have a few staff levels. Obviously, myself and my husband are the owners of the server and we plan to staff on a whim. Basically there won’t be a way to submit for any staff positions. We won’t be advertising and asking will most likely rule you out. Should we run across someone that seems to fit a need we have, we might be inclined to bring them on. With the exception of “Rangers”, all staff will be over the age of 18. We need to be sure that they can and will be able to maintain a server with a “G” rating. For the most part, staff will equate to adult supervision for the server.


However, we realize that a server for kids run by adults probably doesn’t sound like much fun to a bunch of kids. Quite likely it would be a very dull place indeed. Besides, what are we as adults really contributing in that type of environment anyway? So we intend to have a larger group of young staff we will be calling “Rangers” that will basically be mature young players we hand select from veteran players to develop into tomorrows leaders. So they’ll be like Anakin to Obi Wan or your medieval squire to the knight. In more boring terms, it will be a mentor relationship. Rangers will have full access to the staff pages on the forum to provide feedback from the community on the player experience on BriarCraft. They will help influence our decisions on what we should do on the server, making staffing decisions, modifying rules, etc. (That’s my nice way of saying, you guys know a lot more about what’s fun than we do.) They will have a few extra permissions and the ability to watch and report player activity. The adult staff will help them make decisions about player reports and decide how to best deal with tough issues.

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