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Privacy Policy

If you are under the age of 13 and would like to join the BriarCraft community, we are required to request that your parent or guardian contact us and provide approval for you to release any private information required for membership to our community.

The BriarCraft administration takes user privacy very seriously and for that reason we choose to only collect the bare minimum of required personally-identifying information. Any information we do gather at registration is used to assist us in establishing member validity and provide a more protected user environment for community members. We do not release or provide access to any of this information collected and stored to external sources other than approved staff members or in the event that it is requested legally or by law enforcement.

In addition to the requested private information at registration, BriarCraft also collects connection details from visitors that help us monitor possible backend intrusions to protected files. This type of information is not released to any external sources other than legal requests or by law enforcement.

All communications, private or public, between members on our site is optional and is monitored and stored as private records. BriarCraft does not sell these records. We may release the records to law enforcement or at our discretion to parents if we feel an issue warrants the disclosure of these documents.

BriarCraft does not use email to communicate with its members other than the initial validation at registration and account management. Members can optionally control mailings on site postings via their member profiles.

Members may freely delete their accounts, along with all required private details stored from registration. BriarCraft will not take any further steps to assist members in deleting optional information that users may have accumulated on our site or non-identifying connection records.

The BriarCraft administration reserves the right to modify or updated these policies as needed. Should we do so, public notice will be given via a site blog posting and/or forum posting.

Posted and Effective Since May 22, 2015

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