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Community Rules



BriarCraft’s administration reserves the right to discontinue membership to any users, for any reason we feel necessary, at any time. Primary reasons for doing so would be for behavior we feel disrupts or disrespects the enjoyment and safety of an individual member or the community in general. These rules, or terms of use, apply to all BriarCraft Community services including, but not limited to, our game servers, website and forums.

Since we do believe in second chances, we will often give various levels of warnings or suspensions before finally terminating membership. The consequences listed are not firm and are subject to the interpretation of the staff member. If they feel the issue was more malicious or less accidental the punishment could be more extreme than listed.

Our Expectations:

Listen to the staff - No arguing
Discussions and builds (links) must be within G-rating guidelines
No sharing of any private information
No bullying or harassing
If it belongs to another player, don't mess with it (not even practical jokes)
Absolutely no client side mods allowed.


Ban Appeal Process

Ban appeals should be made on the forum in the Ban Appeal section. Your appeal will go a lot farther if you choose to be as honest as possible and apologize for your own part in any disruption you may have caused. If you have an issue that you feel is more sensitive, you may also send a private message directly to Nutmegan.

Website and Forum Usage

Your usage of the game servers, website, forums and other online services is completely optional and you may terminate your association with us as you wish using the sites delete account features. All comments and posts on blogs, forums, user pages, private mail, server chat, etc become the property of BriarCraft and we will not be troubled with erasing records from our sites and services for your convenience unless they are found to be in violation of a law. We also reserve the right to remove or use information and images you post on any of our Community sites to promote the community. We do not sell or release any of this content unless requested by law or if necessary to assist in resolving disputes. For more information, see our privacy policies.

* These rules are subject to change at any time if we feel changes are required to improve the environment at BriarCraft. Rule change notifications will be posted via the blog and/or forum.
Last Modified Oct 14, 2015 – removed server ban software section

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