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Zown Plugin Beta Deployed

Exciting news! Today we deployed a new plugin on the server called Zown by our very own Rusli.  We’re still testing the plugin and it’s only in the infant stages of development but we needed it badly. It will be replacing the Cuboids plugin for player and server area grief protection. We really liked Cuboids, but it had so many issues and support had pretty much stopped for it. Zown has many of the same features we liked about Cuboids but we’ve super charged it with new features we think players will like for controlling their property and we’ve added a lot of administrative details that will make it easier to maintain from our end. In addition, we’ve built in a framework that will allow us to do some of the future server enhancements that we feel will make BriarCraft unique going forward.

We Need You!

Everyone on our server gets to help us playtest and develop the rest of the plugin. The plugin is currently active on Osprey’s Hub, Rails and World Structures (villages, temples, etc) as well as the Tutorial world. What to report back to us:

  • Any strange behavior, bugs
  • Restriction issues (can’t access things you should)
  • Features and Enhancements you would like to see
  • Volunteer to test the player protections when we have them ready (in a few days.)

We still have all the configurations saved for Cuboids and if anything goes wrong we can easily roll back until things are more stable. We’ll be updating the community over the next couple weeks with stability reports, documentation, access to player features and eventually a first public beta release.

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